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Add a free clock to your print

Clock on Box Mount print with hand style number 6

16x20 Box Mount with clock (click for detail) Photo by Satya Banga

We can add a clock to your print mounting for an additional $25. Please explain in the special instructions box where you want the clock located on your print. If you want a number dial digitally added to your image, explain the font style and diameter of the face. We can add clocks to any of these mountings on Ryno Board: Gallery Wrap Elite, Box Mount, Flat mount, Floating mount, Metal frame, Hardwood frame, and Photo cube. The Box Mount style can be make to sit on a table if at least 3 inches deep.

Clock specifications

Our quartz clock movements run on one AA battery (provided) and are accurate to one second per day. Clock movements are guaranteed for 10 years. You can choose any of the clock hand styles shown below. We can cut any of the hands to be shorter. Style number 9 is brass; the rest are black on one side and white on the other and can mount either side up. The hands could be spray painted to any color.

We ship the hands separately with clear instructions on how to attach. Assembly takes just a few minutes. Note that we do not provide a cover for the dial so you will have to clean the hands occasionally and they are not protected from physical damage. If hands do get damaged you can bend them straight or we can send new ones.


For this initial offering for a free clock added to your regular cost print, you will not see any options to select when checking out. Just explain what you want in the special instructions box or send us an email.


Optional clock dial image

We can add a clock dial to your print at the location you select. We will change the size to match any of the above hands and we can customize with different fonts and leave out the dots and/or minute dashes. The dial can be transparent so your photo or art will show behind the dial. The dial numbers and marks can be any color. Explain what you want in the special instructions box. Click image for large view.

Photos of prints and Customer feedback

"The idea of the clock is awesome!!!! I've been wanting to do that for so long but couldn't find anyone that did it right, nor ones that I really liked and thought looked good. Best Regards, Stan" StanRagets.com

Back of Box Mount Clock

This 12x12 inch clock will hang on the wall or sit on a table. The bottom has hidden weights to help keep it stable.


Rear view of Box Mount clock

  Click for large view.

“It was a pleasure collaborating with you this morning over the Clock idea - I truly think this will be a WONDERFUL item for us both. I am very excited to see the end product after you "do your thing" with it! :))” ...Lori Charette

Gallery Wrap Elite with clock

This is our regular Gallery Wrap Elite mounted on Ryno Board. We have added a clock with hand style number 4. The time is 10 after 11! If you want we can add a clock dial with numbers on the print.


Gallery Wrap Elite on Lyve Canvas with clock

 Photo by David Elmore. Click for detail view.

Box mount clock collage

This 12x12 inch clock will hang on the wall or sit on a table. It is 3 inches deep for stability on the table.


Box mount with clock

Artwork by Lori Charette. Click for detail view.

“I've been meaning to drop you a note….I love the images as you have printed and framed them! The satin cloth is really beautiful!, and I appreciate the quality framing and Certificate of Authenticity. The only issue I have, is that I feel they need to be larger, as they are hanging with others that matted and framed are at least 20X30. Hope to order more soon!” ...Sally Thomson, www.sallythomsonphotography.com/

Free clock special!

For a limited time, we will add a clock to your mounted print for free, with your choice of hands.


Floating mount with clock

The clock can be positioned anywhere on the print. We can add a clock dial with number if you want. For this clock the hand style is number 13.


Floating mount with clock

Photo by David Elmore. Click for detail view.


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