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Redipix.com guarantees and warranty

We are proud of the high quality of our products and services. Our comprehensive guarantees and warranty are here to ensure you will be happy before purchase, on product arrival, and for a long time afterward.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

It is our goal for you to be pleased with the quality of our prints and mountings of your images. If you are dissatisfied, please email us for instructions.  There are some things we can't fix, like over exposure (blown out highlights) and poor resolution. If we see any of these as a potential problem, we will warn you before printing.  Because there can be problems like this beyond our control, refunds and replacements are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Lifetime warranty against fading and defects

Our prints on canvas or fine art paper with coating are predicted to last 75 years or more without glass and out of direct sunlight.  We are so confident you will not notice any changes, we will replace any prints that fade or change color or have mounting defects for an unlimited time.  To help them last a long time, please pay attention to our advice on where to hang.

Half-price replacement

Without glass cover, it is possible that your print will get damaged from a sharp object or dropping on the floor. In this case we will print and mount another one for you at half the current price. We will keep your image file indefinitely unless you request otherwise.