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Pricing and discounts

The price per print for mounted prints on Redipix.com depends on:

  • The print face dimensions
  • The print medium
  • The mounting style
  • The depth of the mount


Discounts for the following are automatically subtracted from prices on this site:

  • No protective coating applied 5% discount
  • Identical prints after the first (see below)
  • Reprints of images we have printed before where the size and mounting must be the same (see below)
  • Negotiated wholesale discounts for professional photographers and artists (see below)


New customer discount

We want you to try all of our mountings, so you can take $20 off the price of any one mounting that you have not purchased before. Limit one per order and one per shipping address. Use coupon code NEWMOUNT during checkout.

Several identical prints

Except for Greeting cards, the prices for the second through fourth print of an image are 10% less than the first one, fifth through ninth are 15% less, and the tenth and over are 20% less. The price for the first print is shown at the top of the ordering page; the discounted total price for all copies of the print is shown on the shopping cart page. Note that if you are ordering 10 prints of 10 different photos, this discount does not apply and you need to set the quantity to 1 and order each print separately even if mounts/paper/size are the same.


We give a 10% discount for the first reprint if the mounting and size are the same as the original print. After the first, the discounts are the same as above. So if you order two reprints then both will have a 10% discount. If you order 5 reprints, the first 4 are 10% off and the 5th is 15% off. This discount is not available if you already have the professional wholesale print-ready discount.


We will announce special sales with additional discount codes in our periodic eNewsletter.

Professional photographers and artists

You can apply for wholesale pricing from your account page. Wholesale discounts are for prints purchased for resale and additional discounts are available for submission of print-ready images and for high volume.

If you have a studio, we want you to show each of our mounting styles to your clients, so we offer 50% off orders up to four prints, any size. Valid for only one print for each mounting style for professional photographers or artists who have a studio and an approved web site. Prints must be representative of your work, appropriate for showing clients, and are not to be resold. Other discounts cannot be used in combination with this one.


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