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Collage, Triptych, and Stitching


You can send us many related photos and we will combine them into one image which we will print for you and mount to your specifications. If each photo requires editing, we may need to charge extra for this work. We will give you a quotation prior to starting.

One image printed on several panels

If you have plenty of wall space and the prints we offer on this site are not large enough for you, consider a triptych. We will split your image to your specifications and print on 2, 3, or more panels. If you choose Gallery wrap mounting with image wrap, we can duplicate joining sides so you will not lose part of the image as seen from the front except for around the outside edges.

Triptych for reduced price

When you place your order for multiple panels from one image, just select the quantity to be the number of panels. Panels after the first will be discounted (see Discounts page). Be sure to describe what you want in the special instructions box.

Stitching images to make one large print

For large prints of landscapes, you will obtain better resolution if you take many photos of one scene. You should have your camera on a tripod and set the camera to manual so each photo will have the same exposure. Be sure to overlap each image with the previous one. Upload them all to us and we will stitch them together for you. The landscape below was stitched then printed on two panels.


Photo by Robin Waters

Photo by Thomas DeHoff