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Instructions for uploading large image files

Normally you should submit to us images with the same pixel dimensions as your camera in flat files (no Photoshop layers). Even the highest resolution cameras should result in lossless tiff files well under our 150 MB limit. You can submit these to us using the Images tab on the Prices page).

However, we realize that sometimes you have larger files because you have combined several photos, scanned a large negative, or have incorporated text at a large dpi. In these cases you have several options for uploading. All of these alternatives are free services.

First please upload a small jpeg on the Customize page

This will provide a thumbnail that will help both you and us to associate the correct image with your order. You should make a copy of your image (so you don't lose the original) then downsize to about 800x800 pixels and save as a jpeg. This will upload in seconds. Please keep the file name similar to your large image (it could have the word "copy" at the end of the file name). You should also state in the special instructions box where we will find the large version of the image.


We can accept files through Dropbox at the username "dropbox@redipix.com".


This is another file sharing service, free to try. Click here to get started.

Upload with FTP

FTP will probably be faster for you compared to the Web upload tool. For this you will need an FTP client program that runs on your computer. If you do not already have one, we suggest you install FileZilla which is free. We require that you use a secure SSL connection. Here are the settings for FileZilla:


  • Click on File/Site manager
  • Click on New Site and enter the following
  • Protocol: FTP (not SFTP)
  • Host: ftp.redipix.com
  • Port: 21 (optional)
  • Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: uploads@redipix.com
  • Password: Contact us for password
  • Click on Connect
  • When it asks, click on the box at the bottom that you trust this site
  • Drag files from the left to the right to upload
  • Send us an email telling us that you uploaded files


When asked, you need to trust our server. We will delete your files from the server after downloading.