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Frequently asked questions

General questions

How can your prices be low for such high quality prints?

We do not advertise but depend on internet searches, repeat customers, and referrals for our business. We are a small business with low overhead and labor costs. However, we do use the highest quality materials and equipment. Our printer is the best in it's class and our canvas and fine art paper are top rated.

What are Giclée prints?

Giclée, pronounced "zhee-clay," is the use of the ink-jet printing process for making fine-art large-format digital images. The term is used to describe any high-resolution, large-format ink-jet printer output with pigment-based inks. It is common for these printers to have eight or more different color inks. The word giclée was coined by Jack Duganne to represent any digital print used as fine art. The intent was to distinguish commercial digital prints from fine art prints. Many artists and photographers use giclée printers as an alternative to lithography, serigraphy or serilith for limited edition original prints or reproductions. The cost of producing limited edition runs is greatly reduced compared to alternative printing methods. Read more: Wikipedia.

Choose and edit your images

How large can I print this image?

You will be happy with our largest print sizes from sharp images from your 3- or higher megapixel digital camera or from a negative or slide. Large prints are typically viewed at larger distances. If you like an 8x10 photo held in your hand at 1 foot, you will probably like the same image on a print three times the size (24x36) viewed from 3 feet away...more

Can you really enlarge a 4x6 photo to 16x20?

Yes we can and you will probably like it if your 4x6 is sharp and well exposed. Such a print will look blurry if viewed up close, but you will enjoy viewing it from a distance.

How can I send you my large digital image file?

Uploading your image files is the first step on our ordering page. If you have a slow connection and very large files, you can let it upload overnight or write to CD and mail it.

Which is my best image for a large print?

Can't decide? Upload all of them and we will recommend which are the best ones for enlargement...more

Choose your mounting

Don't I need glass to protect my print?

We coat canvas and fine art paper with the water- and abrasion-resistant Glamour II Veneer and luster photo paper with Premier Art Print Shield. These coatings stop UV light from fading the colors and make it possible to clean the print with a wet cloth. Prints with a matte (non reflecting) surface look great without glass cover since you do not see reflections from room lights and windows. If the print happens to get damaged by a sharp object, we will replace it for half the current price.

Should I choose matte or gloss for my canvas print?

The gloss gives deeper blacks and brighter colors but more reflections and glare. So the decision depends on where you hang them. If you have overhead lights and no windows (or view mostly at night) then go for the gloss. For typical home lighting, the matte is recommended. The matte has almost no reflections. The 100% gloss has less reflections than our luster paper or glass.

Don't inkjet prints smudge/run in high humidity?

We do use inkjet technology, more appropriately called giclée. Our professional HP printer uses pigment-based inks which are in fact more durable and more fade-resistant than conventional silver halide prints on photo paper. A desktop dye-based inkjet printer might have problems with smearing and fading, not ours. We would be happy to send you a small proof of your images so you can put them to the test.

What if my image is cropped too tight for Gallery wrap?

It may not look good if you can see only part of your main subject from the front. With Redipix.com you have several options. 1) We can clone (or "stretch" or "mirror") the background around the edges of your image so the new part is what will wrap around the edge. 2) We can place a solid color on the sides. 3) You can choose the Box mount where this will not be an issue.

Can I do the box mount myself?

Yes, but you will need some expensive tools. We use a commercial dry-mount press to mount the canvas or paper to the Ryno Board. We use a custom v-groove cutter to make the Ryno Board boxes. We have some special jigs to hold the Ryno Board in place while we apply hot-melt adhesive. Contact us if you are interested in learning.

Problems with print or mounting

My print got dirty. How do I clean?

The coating on your print prevents most dirt from reaching the pigment ink layer beneath. First brush off with a clean brush or dry cotton rag. Then moisten the rag with distilled water and gently wipe it off. Click for more details.