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Wholesale accounts with lower pricing are intended for professionals who buy frequently and resell. Wholesale discounts are applied to all prices on this website before checkout. Orders must be placed on this web site to receive discounts. There are four account levels:

  • User: Default non-wholesale account for most customers. Use coupons for new customer discounts and sale discounts. Coupon discounts available for on-line orders only.
  • Bronze 10% off: You have your own website which shows that you will resell to your clients. Images must be of a quality and subject matter suitable for resale. Orders must be placed on this website. Coupons are not valid.
  • Silver 20% off: You satisfy the Bronze requirements and are color managed and provide print-ready images. You are responsible for all aspects of your image including the brightness and color. You may request free printed proofs. We will refund prints having poor color only if the print does not match the printed proof.
  • Gold 30% off: You satisfy Bronze and Silver requirements and show that you will order sufficient quantity as evidenced by having ordered at least $1000-worth of mounted prints with good image quality and not requiring a lot of ordering help from us.

In return for discounts we would be most appreciative if you could place a link to us on your website and like us on Facebook.