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Redipix.com mounts your prints ready to hang 


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Mounts and frames and other print products

Gallery Wrap corner
  • Laminated SmoothPhoto Cloth
  • Panorama image wraps around the shade

Gallery Wrap corner
  • Canvas or SmoothPhoto Cloth
  • Image or printed border wraps around four sides

Box mount corner
  • Black or white coated paper sides
  • Accepts any of our print media

Metal Frame corner
  • Over 30 colors
  • Small space between edge of wrapped print and frame

Floating mount corner
  • Suspended out from the wall
  • Print can wrap around sides


Flat mount corner
  • Picture wall, Self standing, or Ready to frame
  • Print wraps around side of Ryno Board

Gallery Wrap corner
  • Three sizes
  • Gloss or matte
  • Print on back

Rolled unmounted print
  • Several papers and cloth
  • Protective coating
  • Free samples and proofs

No glass - no glare!

The mounts available from RediPix do not feature glass cover. The canvas, SmoothPhotoCloth, and fine art paper we use have a matte (non-reflecting) surface. Without reflections and glare, the prints have a wonderful presence, like looking out an open window. Why not use non-reflective glass? It is expensive and hard to ship. It also desaturates color, lightens blacks, and blurs the image. Our protective coating takes the place of glass by absorbing UV light and by resisting abrasion. We can apply a gloss coating if you want that extra "pop" with brighter colors and deeper blacks, but with less glare than glass.

Dry mounting

The first step in most of our mountings is to dry mount the print to sturdy 1/4" Ryno Board board made from smooth acid-free paper, a moisture barrier, and an inert core.  This makes a bond that is permanent although reversible with 200 degree heat.  The mounted print with coating will not warp even when submerged in water.


For most mountings, a wire loop on the back is provided for easy hanging. The loop is attached close to the front face of the print so it pulls the print tight against the wall. We also provide glue-dots for the corners to keep the print straight.


Be sure to check out our many printing and mounting options. We print on several different papers and cloth, we optimize your digital image, we do restorations, reproductions, black&white, and painting effects, and we have many choices for sides of wraps and metal frame colors.

Photo Lamp Shade

Your image wraps around the shade and glows from transmitted light. Shades work well with cell phone panorama images since the print width is 3.14 times the diameter...more

Gallery Wrap Elite

The main image or a printed border wraps around the sides of the box. This has the same look as an oil painting on canvas stretched on a wood frame; however, the Ryno Board supports the canvas better and protects it from the back side...more

Box mount / standout prints

The print is mounted to the front side of a box made with black Ryno Board. The acid-free paper surface of the black or white board shows on the sides and optionally can be revealed on the front to frame the print. Without a black border seen from the front, this mount looks similar to Gallery wrap but it is less expensive for a given size since you are not paying for canvas and ink on the sides...more

Lamps with photo shades

We print your photo or ours on smooth photo cloth, then stretch it around a hardwood frame. You can buy a shade only or a full table lamp ...more

Metal frame

The mounted print is set into the front of an aluminum section frame. There is a small space between the edge of the print and the frame, thus the name "floating frame"...more

Floating mount

The print is mounted to black Ryno Board which is suspended out from the wall by a hidden black box on the back. The box keeps the print flat and has a hanging wire. The print can wrap around the sides...more

Flat mount

The print is mounted to black Ryno Board and trimmed to the edge of the image or image border. The black core of the Ryno Board is visible on the edge or the print can wrap around the sides. This mounting is useful for self standing display, picture walls, floating mount, and ready-to-frame options...more


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Free samples

We provide on request 3x3-inch free samples of a test image printed on the seven media we offer with coatings and a sample of the Mighty-Core board we mount on. Just send us email with your postal address to request this free sample pack.