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Gallery Wrap Elite

Gallery wrap elite on canvas with mirror wrap sides

Photo by Ona Sidlinger

Your photo is giclée printed on Canvas, SmoothPhotoCloth, or fine art paper and wrapped around the sides making a Gallery Wrap that will look great on your walls without a frame. Our innovative mounting is light but sturdy and loved by all (see reviews).

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Wraps with other mountings

We also wrap the print with these mountings: metal frame, floating mount, flat mount, dazzle, and gallery wrap kit. Some of these we can wrap with paper as well as cloth.

Be creative with the sides

Our Photoshop artist prepares the sides for you with your choice of eight options or a combination of them. Sides can be as deep as 4 inches! Letting the image wrap to the sides often crops the photo too much as viewed from the front. In this case we recommend a mirror image of the border of your print. Solid color sides or a blurred image are also good choices. Some of our customers design original borders using a repeating small image that goes all the way around.

Advantages over stretched canvas

Redipix Gallery Wrap Elite

  • Pigment inks on quality canvas or SmoothPhotoCloth.
  • Print is supported so stays flat
  • All archival materials (no wood)
  • Protective coating
  • Any size up to 32x44 inches
  • Depths up to 4 inches!
  • Sides can be your image, solid color, cloned from the front, or mirror wrap. See 8 examples
  • Frame-look, mat-look, and many other borders available

We dry-mount your print to to sturdy 1/4 " acid-free Ryno Board which will not dent or warp. Compare to canvas stretched on a wood frame in the table below. If you want a large stretched canvas, check out our Gallery wrap kit.

Great value

We have no fee for extra options, no set-up fee, no minimum order, no fee for standard editing, and no fee for proofs. Ordering is easy for first-time visitors and for professional photographers! We can print any size up to 32x44, panoramas, square, black and white, sepia, painting effect -- tell us what you want! And don't miss out on our discounts.

SmoothPhotoCloth for Gallery wraps

SmoothPhotoCloth has a smooth texture compared to the coarse weave of canvas. If you don't want the texture of canvas to interfere with the details of your photo, then choose SmoothPhotoCloth! Available with either matte or gloss finish.



Gallery Wrap Elite

Stretched canvas

Are all materials acid free? Yes Wood contains acids that will eventually yellow the print
Is the mounting easily damaged?
Standing on a Gallery Wrap Elite Supported by Ryno Board, you can stand on the print! Click to see big.
The sides are strong, but the print is unsupported and easily damaged in the middle
With no glass cover, can the print be damaged by a sharp object? Yes Yes
What depths are available? 1" to 4" in 1/4" increments with a small price increase Few depths available with a large price increase for deep ones
What print media are supported? Artist canvas or SmoothPhotoCloth Only artist canvas
Will humidity affect the print? No, print is protected by coating on the front and waterproof Ryno Board on the back so it will not warp Humidity reaching the print from the back may cause the print to sag and the wood to warp
Is editing such as color correction, cropping, brightness, sharpening included in the price? Yes

Many labs don't support these features and don't reveal their source of  coating and canvas.


Be sure to ask your photo lab about these before placing an order for stretched canvas.


Our Gallery wrap kit is stretched on wood bars and matches all these advantages of our our Gallery wrap elite

How many options for the sides? Eight plus combinations
What coating protects the print? A heavy matte or gloss waterproof coating of Glamour II stops damaging UV light and allows cleaning with a wet cloth
How well does it hang? Our hanging wire pulls the print tight to the wall
Will the print stay straight on the wall? Yes, we supply four glue dots for the corners
Will the canvas yellow from aging optical brighteners? No, our Lyve Canvas from Breathing Color has no optical brighteners
Do the edges or corners crack or look sloppy? No cracking and the corners look perfect

Masterpieces from your snapshots

Based on your notes, an experienced Photoshop professional will improve exposure and contrast, remove red-eye, remove scratches and tears, fix color problems, crop, remove blemishes and distracting background objects. We can also convert to black and white, add sepia tone, and add artistic borders and paintbrush effects. Place those cherished photos on the wall where you can enjoy them! ...more

Photos of prints and Customer feedback

"I received the 16x20 gallery wrap, and it is absolutely beautiful. The veterinary clinic that it went to was VERY happy and amazed by the output. It looks much nicer than the matted/framed prints that I have there showcasing my work. I am excited to be doing many more of these over the coming months." ...James Morrissey www.nwpphotoforum.com

Gallery Wrap Elite

This customer's photo was printed on 28x36-inch canvas then dry-mounted to Ryno Board with the image wrapping around the sides.The print has mirror wrap sides (also see bottom of page).

Gallery Wrap Elite on Lyve Canvas

 Photo by Ron Perkins

“I am REALLY pleased with how everything turned out. I was so excited when I opened the shipment and it was light! I'm actually thinking that I don't even want to mess with traditional wooden bars except for specific requests. You've really outdone yourself on the quality of this product and the fact that it all comes ready to hang is icing on the cake!” ...Craig Carpenter www.lusterstudios.com

Gallery wrap giclée reproduction

This print is a copy of an original oil painting on canvas. The sides of the gallery wrap are modified mirror images although the original has similar painting on the sides...more on scanning your art

Gallery Wrap Elite on Lyve Canvas

Original painting by Darleen Mitchell

“I just wanted to let you know that both my girlfriend and I are very happy with the gallery wraps you did of her vegetable pictures. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. I am very impressed with both your product and responsiveness during the order process.” ...Steve Sabrier

Large Gallery Wrap Elite with Clock

This print has a quartz clock installed.


Large Gallery Wrap Elite with Clock

Photo by David Elmore

“The print arrived this afternoon and looks great!!! My customer will be very happy. You be getting more of my work shortly. Thank you” ...Peggy Jansson

Large Gallery Wrap Elite

This is our largest size, 32x44 inches. The depth is 2 inches and could have been as deep as 4 inches

Large Gallery Wrap Elite

Photo by Susan Burns

“Yes, all the prints came and I was thrilled with the outcome. You did a very professional job!! I am really excited about giving the prints to my family and friends, and expect more orders from me and my friends in the future!” ...Linda Parker


If canvas has too much texture for your taste, try our SmoothPhotoCloth. This computer-generated image was made by Stan Ragets. Click to see up close.


Gallery Wrap Elite with print on SmoothPhotoCloth

Artwork by Stan Regets

Mirror wrap border

This print (also see above) has mirror wrap sides, a popular choice. Using Photoshop the outside edge of the image is copied, flipped about the long axis, then pasted back. The symmetry axis is always along the edge of the front face of the print.


Mirror wrap sides

Photo by Ron Perkins

“Everything looked just great and my client was very pleased! Thanks for a good online experience!” ...Laura Brookhart

Back side of Gallery Wrap Elite

The mounting is constructed with thick 1/4" Ryno Board to keep the print flat. All prints are provided with hanging wire, hook, and nail. The Certificate of Authenticity information sheet in the pocket has hanging and care instructions, warranty, and information about print and image.


Back of Gallery Wrap Elite


“As usual I loved the gallery wraps u did for me. I thought they turned out great. thanks” ...Allyson Hill

New customer special!

For a limited time, first-time customers can receive a discount on Gallery Wrap or Box mount prints! Check out our Discounts page.



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