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Box mount / Standout prints

Box Mount with Optica One fine art paper

Photo by Emily Elmore

We developed the box mount, also known as a standout, as an elegant and affordable method to display prints. This mounting works especially well with our fine art papers which cannot be used with gallery wrap.

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Features and options

  • A Ryno Board panel keeps the print flat
  • The coated black paper surface of the panel shows on the sides to frame the print.
  • We can print on canvas, fine art paper, luster photo paper, and metallic photo paper.
  • We can mount your print that you print yourself or obtain elsewhere and ship to us.
  • The print dimensions can range up to 32x44x2 inches.
  • The depth of the box (distance it stands out from the wall) can be varied between 1 and 4 inches.
  • Because it is hung from a wire loop on the back, the box is held tight against the wall.
  • Sides can be black or white (we recommend black).
  • We can print a mat-look, dark or light vignette, or other types of borders.
  • We can divide one image into several prints that, when hung together, look even better than one very large print. See below and learn more here.
  • We can sell you a Box Mount Kit with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the front so you can mount your print yourself.
  • We can add a clock anywhere on the face of the print.

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Compared to
Gallery Wrap Elite

  • In both cases the prints are mounted on a Ryno Board panel that is almost indestructible
  • Gallery wraps cannot be printed on Fine art paper; any of our papers or cloth can be used for Box Mount
  • With Box Mount, the sides are the coated acid-free paper surface of the Ryno Board instead of the print medium
  • The sides are black or white whereas for Gallery wrap the sides are printed with options
  • Box mount is less expensive.

Four panel Box Mount with Optica One fine art paper.

Photo by Robin Waters. Click to see larger.

Why Redipix.com?

  • Small lab with personal service
  • Professional image editing
  • Run by photographers
  • Innovative mounts
  • Custom sizing to 1/8 inch
  • Gallery wraps on Ryno Board
  • SmoothPhotoCloth wraps
  • Archival long lasting materials
  • Protective coatings
  • Free printed proofs
  • Certificate of Authenticity
Box mount with clock option

Photo by Satya Banga. Click to see clock detail.

Photos of prints and Customer feedback

"Redipix is a wonderful on-line system for hobbyists as well as professionals to use for getting top-notch prints. The unique mounting system (with hardware included!) affords both the amateur and the entrepreneur a great way to show their clients or friends their work. The box mount design in which you offer a variety of print mediums; like photo paper, fine art, or canvas, allows the photographer to really display his or her work in its best form. I can’t say enough about the quality and care taken to make each work a piece of art. Every photographer once trying this concept will surely be a return customer, as I know I am. "... Kenneth Wier

Box mount with no border

Here you can see the handsome look of borderless with black sides. This has the same ready-to-hang appeal as Gallery wrap but you end up with a larger print since the paper is not used on the sides. This giclée image was copied from a large original drawing then printed on fine art paper.

Box Mount with Luster Photo Paper

Drawing by Darlene Mitchel

“I loved the pictures!! The quality was great and they got to us in less than a week. I was very pleased with the service and quality. I will be ordering more pictures soon!” ...Kimberly Pereira

Box mount canvas

This digital artwork was printed on 13x17-inch canvas then mounted on the front of a 1.5-inch deep Ryno Board box.

Box Mount with print on canvas

Photo by Michael Petrizzo

“Received the prints today...beautiful, just what I wanted. Thanks. I do like the box mount...very unique. Again, thanks a bunch. Hope to use your service again soon.” ...Christine Witucki

Box Mount with white sides

For some images white works better than black for the sides.

Box Mount with white sides on Metallic photo paper

Photo by Philip DiResta

"..And they're beautiful!! - Thank you so much for all your caring -- I think my favorite is the "Lighthouse Painted" in the box mount -- I knew I loved the gallery wraps, but wasn't sure of the box mount -- and it's great!! -- and I'm VERY pleased with the portrait - WOW!"... Robin Waters

Desk photo stand

This 6x9-inch Box Mount print has extra weights in the bottom (no extra charge) and is 3 inches deep so it will stand up on a desk.


Box Mount with Luster Photo Paper

Photo by Read Barber

"Here is a photo of the hung pictures on our basement wall. They are the focal point of the whole room. Your professional work is outstanding and I also much appreciated the instructions and hanging mounts that accompanied the photo set. Thank you "... Lloyd Weaver

Box Mount Clock sits on table

This clock will sit on the table or hang on the wall.


The back of our mounts have a clean simple look

Artwork by Lori Charette. Click for detail view.

“Yes sir, it most definitely met my expectations. I am real pleased with the results of both of my orders up to this point. I am also encouraging both friends and family to take advantage of your services, as I am sure they will be pleased with the results as am I. You will be getting another order from me here shortly. I want to try a little bigger canvas for my living room. As soon as I get the picture the way I want it I will be putting in another order. Again, thanks a lot for all you do. I appreciate it.” ...Mike McCormack

Back side of Box Mount

The Box mounting is constructed with strong acid-free 1/4-inch-thick Ryno Board to keep the print flat. All prints are provided with hanging wire, hook, and nail. The free Certificate of Authenticity has hanging and care instructions, warranty, and information about print and image.

Click to see large corner detail.


The back of our mounts have a clean simple look


Box Mount combines B&W and color

Some creative Photoshop work makes this print stand out.


Box Mount with a print that combines black and white and color


New customer special!

For a limited time, first-time customers can receive a discount on Gallery Wrap or Box mount prints! Check out our Discounts page.



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