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Greeting cards and Note cards

Greeting card, borderless, portrait orientation

5x7 Greeting Card (Click for large view)

We print your photo on archival matte paper. They can be borderless or can have printed or white borders such as those shown in the examples. We fold them and provide envelopes. Minimum order 10 cards per image. Price includes editing of the image in Photoshop if needed.


The folded size can range from 3x3 inches to 5x7 inches. It is best to choose a size that nicely fits a standard envelope. The envelopes we stock fit these size cards: 3.5x5, 4x6, and 5x7. If requested with a check box on the ordering page, we will crop your image if needed to the size you ordered.

Free text on back

We can place your text on the back in a font of your choice. We cannot place text inside the card; however, we provide instructions for you to print an insert that you can attach to the inside as shown below right.

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Greeting cards with a variety of borders and orientation

5x7 Greeting card assortment (Click for detail view of borders)

We can put your text on the outside back of the card. The text “Printed by Redipix.com” is optional. The text inside the card is not provided but is not hard to do yourself with our instructions.

Greeting card with optional text (Click for large view)

Be sure to order a size that fits in one of our standard envelopes

Envelopes are provided (Click for large view)