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WallPeel™ fabric with adhesive

Advantages of WallPeel™

  • Sticks to any smooth surface
  • Shows fine detail
  • Very durable
  • Protected with heavy Matte or gloss coating
  • Easily removed and placed on another wall


  • Long lasting but not as archival as fine art paper
  • Will not stick to walls with texture such as cinder block or brick
  • Tends to bubble if used on foam board pannels such as Ryno Board

This fabric is similar to our SmoothPhotoCloth™ but has an adhesive on the back that will stick to most surfaces. The adhesive is similar to that on a sticky note: You can peel the print off the wall and reapply to another surface over and over again. It will not damage the wall even if left in one place for a long time.Order now

Heavy protective coating

We apply a clear water-proof coating, Glamour II, to our WallPeel™. This keeps the print from smearing and allows it to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Stick to your car or truck or RV

With our coating you can even use it outdoors on your car and it will last for years. On our test vehicle, large prints have lasted two years and 40,000 miles, with numerous washings using a pressure washer. After this they have not started to peel off and look as good as the day they were applied.

Source of our WallPeel™

After purchasing some Photo Tex (trademark by Photo Tex Group) in 2012 we found it is very similar to the Satin Cloth but with an adhesive on the back and not quite as white. More recently LexJet came out with Print-N-Stick (a LexJet trademark) which is whiter than Photo Tex but otherwise very similar. We will continue to use up our stock of Photo Tex when you specify WallPeel unless you specifically request that we use Print-N-Stick.

Example applications for unmounted Photo Tex

Free samples

We provide on request 3x3-inch free samples of a test image printed on the seven media we offer with coatings and a sample of the Mighty-Core board we mount on. Just send us email with your postal address to request this free sample pack.

When you choose our WallPeel for an unmounted rolled giclée print you can stick to any clean smooth surface. With our standard coating they will last a long time when displayed outdoors!

Example surfaces:

  • Painted walls (wait at least 30 days after fresh painting)
  • Painted ceilings (may not hold well to textured ceiling)
  • Wallpapered walls
  • Wood cabinets
  • Metal appliances
  • Windows (provides a wonderful back-lit experience in the daytime)
  • Vehicles (expect to last a year or more)
  • Outdoor signs

Instructions: Peel and stick

If you are not sure it will stick to a questionable surface, please ask for our free sample pack. Photo Tex will not stick well to unpainted brick or concrete or eggshell paint on a textured surface. For large prints you can overlap or butt. Clean the surface first with a warm damp cloth or sponge. Do not use cleaners that leave a residue on the surface. If surface is dirty or oily, you will reduce adhesion permanently so print will not re-stick as well to other clean walls.

Handle large prints with two people. Wash your hands so you do not get oils on the adhesive. Start at the top and peel down the backing paper about 4 to 6 inches then crease the backing. To get large prints horizontal you should use a level to draw a faint line on the wall. If you don't get it square you can pull off and try again. As you stick the print to the wall, run your hand over it to be sure all bubbles are pushed to the side. Then pull the backing down in 6" increments sliding your hand over it as you go.

It is very rare but possible that bubbles appear after a few days because fresh paint is still outgassing, or because there was a wet spot or a spot with residual cleaner solution. If this happens, you can prick the bubble with a needle and press in a circular motion. If bubbles keep reappearing, you should remove the print and fix the wall or find another place for the print.

When placing on vehicles, avoid windows for safety reasons and avoid cracks and bends where it might start to peel off. Make sure the surface is very clean and dry before applying. If you need to cut the print, do it while still on the backing paper. Rounded corners will last better than angled ones. You can tape the print to the car first to check for a good fit (test the tape first on a scrap). Photo Tex should handle washings and our protective coating will absorb UV light to keep it from fading. Expect it to last for a year or more. Do not wash your car more than necessary and best to avoid automated car washers. Having said this, we have tested on our vehicle and it has lasted over 2 years through many washes with a pressure washer.

Wall murals and cutouts

Photo Tex works great for indoor and outdoor life-size photographic cut-outs and for large wall murals. We can cut to your specifications (ask for a quote) or you can easily cut yourself with sharp scissors. For large murals we can print up to 43x96 and we can split your image into several panels up to this size that you can apply to a wall and butt together.