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X Banner stands

Side view of X-Banner Stand with ArtRoll printSide view of X-Banner Stand with ArtRoll print

Advantages of the
X Banner stand

  • ArtRoll prints made to fit
  • Lightweight (3-4 pounds)
  • Easy quick setup
  • 64" and 72" sizes available
  • Low cost
  • Carrying case included

Present your ArtRoll prints for high-impact display at trade shows and events. This affordable banner stand works beautifully with our ArtRoll mounted prints. Made from carbon fiber and aluminum, it is lightweight and easy to carry and assemble.

Two sizes

For the regular size the top of the print is 64 inches (5 feet 4 inches) above the floor and for the large size the top is 72 inches (6 feet) above the floor. We can make the top lower by cutting off the upper rods. When ordering ArtRoll prints, make sure that the size of the print is within the range of sizes that will fit on the stand (see table below).

Carrying case

The included carrying case holds the ArtRoll print along with the stand.

View examples

Carrying case for X Banner stands

Regular size X Banner stand $25.00      

Large size X Banner stand     $35.00      

Photos of prints

Customer feedback

"The prints are fantastic!!! They are just perfect! I have included some pictures so you can see the whole finished project. They were an anniversary surprise for my husband and he was just amazed. Thank you again for all the editing and touch up work that you did... With the sticky tabs that you included, they are hanging wonderfully. Thank you again! I have already recommended several friends to your web site. I hope it draws you business! Cheers, "... Jen Mejia

ArtRoll with white bars

The ArtRoll print mounting system allows a range of widths to be used with the X Banner Stands. Prints can go part way to the floor like this one or they can extend to within one inch of the floor to hide the stand. Bottom hooks have been moved part way up and a fish-line loop at the bottom of the print hooks under them.


ArtRoll print with white bars on X Banner stand

Photo by David Elmore

X Banner Stand

The bottom hooks are shown all the way down.


X Banner stand with no print



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