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Print mounting boards with adhesive

These mounting boards are a great option for display of prints that you print yourself on your color inkjet printer. They come with a pressure sensitive adhesive and a hanging system that uses 3M Command strips which do not damage paint on the wall when removed. The board is 1/4 inch thick and there is a 1/4-inch space behind the print. This product is similar to our Box mount kit, which has a hanging wire and deeper black sides. We stock the boards in four sizes and we can make custom sizes on request. We have a substantial quantity discount as shown in the table:


in inches
Price each Enter quantity
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1-4 5-9 10+
MB07 5x7 $3.00 $2.40 $1.80
MB10 8x10 $4.00 $3.20 $2.40
MB11 8.5x11 $4.50 $3.60 $2.70
MB14 11x14 $6.00 $4.80 $3.60

Mounting your print

The video below shows the procedure for mounting a Box mount kit which is similar to mounting on these flat boards. The pressure sensitive adhesive is protected by silicon release paper that is split down the middle. Before you remove the release paper, set the mounting board face up on a table, center the print on the board, and place a weight on one end of the board. Then lift up the print on the other end, remove the release paper, and press the print onto the adhesive from the center towards the edge. Rub a few times to remove bubbles. Then repeat on the other end. If your print is larger than the board, trim the edges with an X-acto knife or razor blade with the print on cardboard or a pile of newspaper.

Hanging your print

We supply (1) a foamboard block with two 3M Command™ strips attached and (2) a matching block to go on the back of the print with two strips of yellow double-stick tape. After mounting the print, remove the yellow release paper from block 2 and stick to the back of the print about 1/2 inch down from the top with the beveled edge pointing down (be sure to check which edge of the image is the top, and be sure to get the block parallel to the top edge). Next, remove the release paper from the command strips on block 1 and from the small yellow tape on the other side of this block. Then slide its beveled edge up under the beveled edge of the block on the back of the print so the small yellow tape will keep it temporarily attached to the print. Now you can hold the print up to the wall where you want it, make it perfectly level, then stick to the wall, holding with steady pressure for a short while. For the command strips to stick well, you should clean the wall first with the alcohol pad enclosed and allow at least 10 minutes for it to dry. To remove the print from the wall, pull out and up at the same time to pull loose the small piece of tape. You could now remove this tape since it is no-longer needed. To remove the hanging block, pull the tab on the 3M Command™ strips one at a time straight down (not out from the wall).