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Stretch-roll™ canvas wraps

Stretch-roll canvas wrap

This canvas wrap is 36" high

We have removed this mounting from our standard products, but it is still available on special order. Please call us if you are interested.

This mounting option resembles the Gallery wrap but is mounted in an entirely different manner that works especially well for the largest print sizes. We recommend the Stretch-roll mainly for prints that you will transport such as traveling exhibits and events such as weddings and funerals. If you want a print larger than 32x46 inches (our largest size available with floating mount and frames) for permanent display, then we suggest you purchase a rolled canvas from us and stretch it yourself. Contact us for information on how to do that.

Construction details

The canvas is not mounted to a board nor to a 4-sided frame, but is attached to two rounded hardwood boards on the left and right sides. On the back, two or three metal tube struts hold the boards apart and stretch the canvas.

The image wraps around the left and right sides but not the top and bottom. There is no need for a wrap on the top and bottom since they are not visible when the print is mounted on the wall at eye level. For this reason the boards are on the left and right sides for prints that have either portrait or landscape orientation. More views at the bottom.

Because the top and bottom of the print are not supported, you can expect that the print will not stay perfectly flat over long periods of time. The canvas along the top and bottom may curl out a little in the middle especially for wide prints. That is why for permanent installations we recommend stretching the canvas on a frame.

Advantages of the Stretch-roll mounting

  • The print comes apart and ships and stores in a tube. It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble with only a screwdriver. This saves the high shipping costs you would have to pay for large framed prints, and they are easy to store and transport.
  • These prints have the pleasing look of a gallery wrap. No expensive frame is needed. No glare from glass.
  • The stretching force by the struts on the back can be adjusted. If the print sags with high humidity (a common problem for traditional stretched canvas), just tighten the struts a little more!
Stretch-roll canvas wrap corner detail

Top and bottom are seldom viewed

Options for the sides

The sides can be part of your image, but if this crops the main subject more than you want, we can clone the background to extend around the sides or we can add a solid color to the sides. See the Gallery wrap page for more details on image preparation.

Assembly instructions

You can download here the detailed and illustrated assembly instructions for Stretch-roll canvas wraps.

Photos of prints

Customer feedback

"We received our canvas wrap print today and just had to tell you how great it looks.  The stretched canvas is something we have been looking for and kudos to you for coming up with it.  I'm sure as time goes on and we have new work you'll be getting more business from us, and of course from others that see the picture hanging in our booth at shows.  Thanks again"... Jeffrey Melka

Great for shows

These large Stretch-roll canvas wraps from Redipix.com are easily transported in a tube and assembled on site in just a few minutes. They are easy to hang and have the look of a gallery wrap.

Stretch-roll canvas wrap at a show

Photo by Emily Krueger at the Miami Swim Show

Honoring a special person?

Use the stretch-roll canvas wrap at a funeral or retirement party. They are easy to stand up on a table.

Stretch-roll canvas wrap at a retirement party

Photo by David Elmore

"Thank you for working with me and my panos. The results are great and looking forward to seeing how it hangs in time. I will showing off your work to the Photo Society members at the San Luis Obispo Art Center. I'm sure they will impressed with your work and prices. It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing future business. Thank you again"... Peggy Jansson

Stretch-roll parts

This is what comes out of the shipping tube. The canvas rolls up on the stretcher boards. The struts are metal tubes with threaded ends.

Stretch-roll canvas wrap parts

Photo by David Elmore

Great for wide stitched panoramas

This panorama is printed with a wide white (optional) border and stretched between the two end boards. The canvas stays nice and flat.


Stretch-roll canvas wrap panorama

Photo by Peggy Jansson

Back of assembled print

The metal tube struts stretch the print. Although nothing supports the top and bottom, we find that they stay straight without sagging.

Stretch-roll canvas wrap back of assembled print

Photo by David Elmore

The parts are ready to assemble

The hanging wire is attached to the ends of a PVC tube that connects the metal struts on each side. The tubes rest against adjustable stops.

Stretch-roll canvas wrap parts

Photo by David Elmore

"We received our package today, and .. WOW! We were so impressed! They look AWESOME! You did a great job! Thank you so much- and we will be doing business again with you in the near future! Thank You!" ... Janiece Struble

Stretch-roll being assembled

The struts are screwed into threaded inserts in the side boards. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes.

Stretch-roll canvas wrap assembly

Photo by David Elmore