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ArtRoll™ prints

We no longer offer ArtRoll prints so we can concentrate on our new product, photo lamps.

We developed the ArtRoll print mounting system as a cost-effective, elegant, and durable method for displaying photos and art. ArtRoll prints can be mounted on your wall or hung like a banner. Printed on SmoothPhotoCloth, they can be hung in a window for a fabulous back-light effect or hung outside on your deck all year. They roll up for shipping, transporting, and storage. Any size is available up to 44x200 inches.Order now

Construction of ArtRoll prints

  • We print on SmoothPhotoCloth or other high-quality media with your choice of borderless, white, or printed borders. Although this mounting system is available for any of our print media, the SmoothPhotoCloth is best because it is light weight, yet durable, and stays flat.
  • Either a gloss or matte Glamour II protective coating is applied.
  • White, black, or beige rods are attached to the top and bottom or the right and left sides of the print (your choice). The plastic rods are about 1/2 inch in diameter and come with 3M Command adhesive strips on the back for mounting on the wall without damaging paint on removal.
  • A fish-line loop is attached to each bar for alternative hanging methods.
  • A black plug is inserted into the ends of each rod.

Hanging your ArtRoll print

Advantages of the ArtRoll print system

  • Low price, $20 off first ArtRoll
  • Our bright-white SmoothPhotoCloth shows all the detail and colors in your image, yet is very strong, durable, and water resistant.
  • Attach to the wall, hang on the wall, or hang as a banner anywhere inside or outside. Hang in front of a window for a dramatic back light effect.
  • Rolls up for shipping, storage, and transport.
  • Print size can range up to 44x200 inches.

  • For mounting on your wall, simply remove the protective paper from the back of the adhesive strips and press them against the wall. Cut off the fish-line loops. The print can be removed from the wall without damage.
  • Alternatively, use the fish-line loops and upholstery nails provided to stretch the print and hold it flat.
  • To use as a banner outside, hang on your deck, house, or tree. SmoothPhotoCloth with coating is water resistant.
  • To hang at an indoor event (party, wedding, funeral, trade show, etc.) purchase an X-Banner stand.

Choose your borders

Because your ArtRoll print does not have a frame and does not stand out from the wall like a box mount or gallery wrap print, you might like to have a border to separate it from its surroundings. You can choose any of the borders in the examples on this page or on our printed borders page.

Great introductory price!

For a limited time and for your first purchase of an ArtRoll print, take $20 off your order.

Photos of prints

Customer feedback

"I want to tell you how incredibly beautiful the images are! I especially like the SmoothPhotoCloth with matte coating. Beautiful!! I'm trying these out on my art show this weekend. Wish me well..."... Patricia Leigh

ArtRoll with black bars

This landscape photo is mounted as ArtRoll (left) on SmoothPhotoCloth. The bars are on the top and bottom but could just as well have been mounted on the sides. The black border separates it from the light-color wall. Click photo for large image of print.


ArtRoll print on SmoothPhotoCloth above dresser

Photo by David Elmore

Printed antique border

This 18x23 inch print has a printed border that sets it off from the white wall. The print is mounted using the adhesive strips that are provided on the back of the beige bars. Click for larger view.


Printed antique border

Photo by David Elmore

Comparison with Box mount

This panorama is mounted as ArtRoll (top) and Box mount. The ArtRoll print has bars on left and right sides and is mounted using decorative white nails to keep it stretched tight.


Comparison with Box mount

Photo by Aaron Roth

ArtRoll in living room

The ArtRoll mounting has a contemporary look that fits in any room and any decor. A textured dark border was added in Photoshop. This print is hung using white nails and fish line provided. Click each photo for larger view.


Detail showing hanging method. Bottom has the same nail and loop to stretch print. ArtRoll print on SmoothPhotoCloth. This print has a gloss coating and shows some glare from the lamp.

Photo by David Elmore

ArtRoll for trade shows

This image has a great 3-D look, although the print is displayed flat against the wall. The ArtRoll rolls up and fits in a 2-inch diameter tube for easy transport to trade shows and art fairs. This print is 30x40 inches and has a fish-line loop for hanging (not shown).

ArtRoll for trade shows

Design by Lisa and Greg Walsh

Banner for events

This 35x48" banner was prepared for a graduation party. It hangs on a photo light stand (shown) or a tripod or an X Banner Stand which you can purchase from us.


ArtRoll print hung on a light stand.

Photos by David Elmore

ArtRoll in stairway

This print was attached using 3M Command strips that do not damage the wall when removed.


The print is stretched tight and does not sag.

Photo by David Elmore

Choose your bar color

We can mount with white, black, and beige rods. Rods can go on top or sides of landscape orientation prints. Bar overhang can range from 0 to 2 inches. These were attached to the wall with brass-color decorative nails provided.


Choose your bar color and choose your hanging method

Photos by David Elmore

The ArtRoll on SmoothPhotoCloth is water resistant and will last months or years outside in the weather. This print was hung using two nails in the tree and stretched tight using the profided fish-line loops. After two years there were some stains on it but the colors changed very little. Click for large image.


The ArtRoll print is stretched between two nails on the tree.

Photo by David Elmore

Mounting options

Adhesive strips are placed on the back for mounting to a wall without damaging paint. The fish-line loops are for hanging as a banner or hanging on the wall. The adhesive strips and fish line are easily removed and new ones reinstalled as needed.


The back of an ArtRoll print showing the 3M Command strips for mounting without damaging the wall.

Photo by Peggy Jansson

ArtRoll on fine art paper

The ArtRoll works best on SmoothPhotoCloth but you can also have it on any of the print media we stock. This one is printed on Optica One Fine Art Paper. It is hung with two nails in the back of the upper rod. Click for large image.


This ArtRoll was printed on Optica One fine art paper. It is hung with two nails behind the rod.

Photo by Peggy Jansson

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